How we help you improve performance

We’re in the business of helping you improve your people’s performance – whether they’re internal (employees) or external (channel partners). We create incentive strategies that fuel the energy and commitment of your audience.

On a broader level, our engagement programmes connect your people more closely to your business, making them feel valued and motivated to keep improving. Our technology makes implementing these strategies quick, effective and easy for you to measure the results.

Helping you create positive change

We believe that if you want to drive positive behavioural change, you need to really understand your people and your business. Which is why we ask lots of questions to discover the most effective ways to influence your target audience and deliver lasting results and sustained success.

We identify and implement the most effective ideas and incentive solutions for your people and partners. You’ll see the difference to your KPIs, your people's performance and your customers' engagement.

Employee Incentives

Need employee incentives that actually work?

Giving your people exciting goals to aim for can turn a difficult task into a fun challenge. For longer-term behavioural change, we'll show you how incentives can be linked to strategic drivers such as KPIs, customer service standards or learning and development targets.

Sales and Channel Incentives

Need incentives that are performance-based and drive partner behaviour?

People selling on your behalf need to feel the love too! We know that every team is different. Which is why we believe every incentive programme needs to be as well. From the structure, the messaging, the rewards, the technology and the delivery. We work closely with you to develop the right programme for your business. One that meets objectives and delivers results. Talk to us about designing schemes specifically for your sales team, call centre, distributor, dealership and other third-party sellers.

Customer Incentives

Wondering why your customers aren’t buying what you’re selling?

We help you track your customer interactions, internal processes and the role of your sales force in driving sales. We give you exciting ways to incentivise and reward your customers so that they keep coming back for more. 

Our digital tools

We believe technology should help, not hinder. 

With our creative solutions powered by technology, there is no limit to what your business and your audience can achieve. We believe in developing apps and platforms that work for you and your team. Making it simple and easy for you to improve performance across your whole organisation.

Technology keeps us connected. It's how we share news and views, top up our knowledge, celebrate life's wins, thank a colleague... or simply keep in touch. Every contact reinforces our sense of community.

Neon Agency makes tech work for you. Our easy-to-use digital tools for mobile and tablet allow your people to engage with your brand anytime, anywhere – supporting the two-way communication that’s vital to engagement. All helped by great rewards and incentives that keep everyone engaged.

Our latest performance improvement campaigns:

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Need help improving your performance?

Let us help you improve sales, service levels, and customer retention through exceptional solutions, innovative technology and great experiences and events.