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Alternative Ways to Reward and Recognise Your Employees When Your Sales Incentive Trip is Cancelled

Alternative Ways to Reward and Recognise Your Employees When Your Sales Incentive Trip is Cancelled

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, many organisations have had to make the tough decision to cancel their travel incentive trips. These incentives are created to motivate, reward and recognise Top Performers who have worked exceptionally hard to earn a spot on a trip of a lifetime. 

We know that the impact, experiences and emotional connections that group travel creates can never be replaced. So how can you still keep your employees engaged, celebrated and recognised with travel off the table? Here are Neon’s top alternatives!

Postpone the trip 

Incentive trips are a large expense to a business and their allocated budgets should be used wisely. Yes we’re in a time of unpredictability however, there’s no harm in postponing your trip if it has to be cancelled at the last minute. If a lot of time has been put into branding, communication and building excitement, it seems a shame to let it all go to waste. 

The key to this is communication and you should still express your personal gratitude to all of those who would have attended. You could do this by assembling a small collection of items that reflects the trip they were supposed to go on as a way to say, 'we appreciate all of your hard work today - and look forward to getting together very soon in the future'.

Give the winners a reward alternative

If you don't want to postpone the trip, you could always give the winners of the incentive the equivalent cost in an online alternative such as, vouchers or merchandise.

A big part of Neon’s ongoing Performance Improvement solutions is rewarding top sellers with vouchers or a selection of desirable merchandise as a thank you for their hard work. Rewarding your team in this way is an excellent option as it gives individuals the flexibility to spend their winnings on something special and desirable rather than it going on something flippant such as ‘petrol’ or ‘bills’. They can also share this joy with their travel partner who perhaps should have been on the trip.

A luxury tech bundle, subscription to Netflix or food delivery vouchers are all great options and would help improve the winners lockdown experience. We did something similar for one of our teleco clients last month, which received very positive feedback from the network and saw an uplift in sales by 30 percent.

Award the winners with an alternative luxury experience 

It might not be quite the same as your team sunning themselves on a beach in The Maldives but we can sure do our best to find a great alternative! Individual and personalised trip packages with elements that an incentive would contain such as, room gifts or exclusive dining experiences could make this option all the more special. 

The UK is bursting with exceptional landscapes, luxurious accommodation and fun activities to create an alternative memorable experience for your winners (we’ve pulled together a few great options to get you started here, here and here). 

Whether it’s a relaxing spa break, an overnight stay at a hotel with the wow-factor or a standout Michelin star dining experience, it’s bound to blow your Top Performers away - especially at a time when a break away from the four walls of home will be well overdue and appreciated! 

Bespoke is what Neon do best and we can help you create some wonderful concierge packages in special locations around the UK.

Virtual and Hybrid events

Why not host a virtual event instead of your travel incentive? If we’ve learnt one thing relating to communication during the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s that technology has taken on a whole new realm of purpose and virtual events are predicted to be one of the new trends in the event’s industry for the foreseeable future! 

Virtual events overcome the boundaries of geography and restrictions of social distancing. They bring varied audiences in different locations together, retain the feeling of ‘live’ and are also malleable and flexible. We are here to help you create, manage and deliver a seamless end-to-end event solution with the goal of driving engagement and increasing communication through a virtual event of your choice!

With the latest government advice on the number of attendees allowed socially distanced in one room, you could even hold a hybrid event at various locations around the UK. With an event planner onsite, you can hold your very own ceremony for the winners broadcasting across all locations for everyone to enjoy. Acknowledging success in front of your employee peers is a fantastic way to express your gratitude. Perhaps you can also add a ‘surprise and delight’ element by rewarding them with not only a trophy, but one of the alternative reward options mentioned above.

Not only would it diminish the worry of Covid-19 regulations, it’ll also reduce your carbon footprint, travel times and budget - win win win.

Want to find out how Neon can help you reward and recognise your employees without travel? Get in touch to have a chat with a member of our team!