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Neon Agency provides innovative employee incentive software solutions that connect audiences to your organisation and their role. Employee incentives come in all shapes and sizes and at Neon, we are experts in tailoring the right solutions to your brief.

Incentive solutions with proven results

Whether your business wants to incentivise your team to complete their learning modules, to drive sales and promote excellent customer service, or reward and recognise your employees, we have proven results from our incentive solutions. Incentives not only drive revenue for your business but also ensure employees feel valued, rewarded and recognised. 

How employee incentive software could improve your businesses performance.

Find out how our employee incentive software could improve your businesses performance

Incentive and engagement specialists

We have over 20 years experience in creating ambitious employee incentive apps and websites. Our software can be supported through web apps, iOS and Android, and can be deployed across the globe in language. We have a range of analytics and insight dashboard suites available to support your incentive platform, to ensure we deliver long lasting and sustainable results.

Based on our experience, we believe in order for your incentive programme to drive the best results it must be built in accordance to your business goals and objectives. Depending on what outcome you want, we can use key performance areas, as a base structure, to ensure the incentive app or website is most effective for you.

Our employee incentive app

Our easy-to-use incentive apps allow your people to engage with your brand anytime, anywhere – supporting the two-way communication that’s vital to engagement. Each element of Neon's employee incentive app is designed to ensure that your employees have all the tools they need to reach their full potential:

Personal Communications Feed

Gets the right information to your audience at the right time, creating dialogues and connections, specifically supporting the subject of the incentive.

Campaigns & Objectives Suite

Shows campaigns that target specific objectives within set time frames.

Mindset Exploration & Support

Helps generate the right mindset and approach to the task at hand.

Skills and Knowledge Modules

Educates and reinforces key information on product, process, behaviours, services and offers to maximise results.


Recognises and rewards consistent and exceptional performance.

Performance Insights

Empowers employees to understand their performance output and facilitates decision making of key stakeholders.


Increased employee performance

In our experience a properly structured incentive programme can significantly increase employee sales performance.

Useful insights to increase productivity

As a business, you will be able to use our employee incentive software and analytics platforms to identify areas where an individual may not be performing so well. We want to understand your employee’s motivations, their engagement to your brand, their knowledge and so on to build the best picture of performance.

By proactively looking for dips in learning or morale through real-time engagement tools, we identify issues before they become a problem. The outcome? Individuals equipped to do their job, increased productivity levels and/or a sales uplift for your business.

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Find out how our employee incentive software could improve your businesses performance

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