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Neon Agency is an established employee incentive agency with years of experience in delivering employee incentives, across multiple industry sectors.

With long-standing clients, and award-winning schemes, we are proud to be a trusted employee incentive company for UK and global brands.

Employee incentive experts

Our purpose is to help you to incentivise your employees to deliver exceptional performance. We work with well-known brands in the automotive, telecommunications and agricultural sectors to design, implement and measure their employee incentive programmes. 

As an employee incentive company we thrive on your success. We work with clients to drive performance against a variety of metrics through strategic and tactical incentive campaigns that recognise and reward your employees.

Find out how our employee incentive programmes could improve your businesses performance

What makes employee incentive schemes effective

Our employee incentive schemes are designed to meet your company's specific objectives and business goals. Our team of incentive experts will work with you and your stakeholders to understand your requirements and design an incentive plan for employees that is both engaging and effective.

At Neon Agency we offer employee incentive programmes that are designed to be embedded within your company for long-term success. These programmes become a company-wide mechanic to motivate and reward your employees, and improve business performance.

Companies with a large employee base have seen success, from improved sales performance to increased employee engagement scores, by implementing our app-based employee incentive programmes.

Company embedded programmes

Our large-scale employee incentive programmes consist of tailor-made incentives, designed against longer-term goals to drive results. From that extra bit of motivation to improve a score or hit a target, to influencing behavioural change, our schemes can incorporate multiple drivers over key timeframes. In our experience, company embedded employee incentive programmes provide the largest return on investment for businesses.

Tactical incentive programmes

Our tactical incentive programmes focus on short-and medium-term objectives, ensuring your employees are motivated, engaged, and equipped to deliver excellent results. With our tactical campaigns, we overlay creative theming to regular employee communications, coupled with inspiring rewards to achieve great results. 

An employee incentive scheme would typically consist of campaign objectives, against which we implement a series of mechanics such as; a personal communications feed, skills and knowledge modules, performance insight and reward and recognition

The benefits to employers

The benefits to employers, of our tailored approach to structuring incentive plans for employees, is a focused and targeted programme designed specifically for your needs. Our clients find Neon’s approach to be cost-effective whilst delivering high levels of return, such as increased sales or improved employee engagement scores. 

Our team of employee incentive experts will support you from initial scoping to execution and performance measurement. We are a highly-experienced team with a plethora of innovative ideas and bespoke solutions.

Read how we developed a strategy for a telecommunications client that would improve sales, reinforce product knowledge and increase engagement across retail stores and call centres.

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Types of employee incentive schemes

There are many approaches to incentivising employees, we pride ourselves in knowing the types of employee incentive schemes to recommend to best meet the needs of our clients.

Our incentive schemes are designed to increase employee engagement, drive sales performance and improve knowledge. With stakeholders across sales, HR and marketing business functions our programmes address multiple business objectives and strategic goals. 

Knowing which type of incentive scheme is right for your employees will be influenced by who your target audience is, what behavior you are trying to influence, the most appropriate channel of communication and motivational factors.

We can target an individual with communications, incentives, learning, and recognition that is bespoke to their needs, encouraging the highest level of role performance.

We will work with you to define key metrics and targets, improve employee dialogue and encourage employee engagement. Whatever your desired outcomes, be it increased knowledge, behavioral change or performance excellence you will be in safe hands with Neon Agency.

Find out how our employee incentive programmes could improve your businesses performance

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Our employee incentive programmes range from tactical to long-term campaigns. For an approach that directly drives business performance and engagement ‘all in one’ why not take a look at our Employee Incentive Software.