Employee engaement

Employee Recognition

Neon Agency delivers leading employee recognition platforms that help foster a culture of engagement and communication, enabling colleagues to connect with the business and each other for a more fulfilling workplace experience.

Feeling valued is the heartbeat of a motivated employee, which is why employee recognition is so important. Your employees need to know that you value them, recognise their contribution, and support them in achieving the best results.

Create a culture of positive recognition

We engage your employees with your brand using our employee recognition software, allowing you to inform, challenge, motivate and ultimately improve the quality and effectiveness of your employees performance.

By creating a two-way dialogue through our reward and recognition platforms we celebrate the moments that matter and recognise performance. Our employee recognition platforms help foster a culture of engagement and communication.

Employee recognition schemes could improve your businesses performance

Build a positive community reflective of your brand

Our clients often ask how we get great results from our reward and recognition programmes. We believe in aligning your strategy to reflect the diversity and different expectations of your people.

We build a positive community, reflective of your brand vision and values, with an employee recognition scheme and rewards that matter to your people. We can deliver our website and app based programmes across the globe, in a multitude of languages for any business sector.

We manage the Ashurst Global Values Recognition Programme, which encourages a deeper understanding of the values and culture within Ashurst. We have successfully engaged over 3,000 staff from offices all over the globe and aligned them with the business.

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The key to engaging employees

At Neon, we believe the key to engaging employees is getting to the core of what each individual at your company is feeling, understanding what makes them tick and what makes them feel appreciated - this is relevant to every role in the hierarchy of the business. We cultivate these outcomes into a solution which will have the best result on employee productivity and engagement. 

Our employee recognition solutions

We provide a range of employee recognition schemes that include: websites, employee surveys, programme management, communication strategies, campaigns, nomination schemes, redemption platforms, live team events, employee awards, employee ceremonies and more. 

Our employee recognition programmes are tailor-made to suit the needs of your business. You will be supported by Neon's team of recognition experts, who will be on hand to help brief, shape and run your programme to deliver excellent results. 

Features & Benefits

We provide a broad range of employee recognition schemes and ideas which can be tailored to match your objectives and budget. An example recognition platform, as outlined below, helps clients to deliver effective communications, create a positive employee culture, and increase sales performance and customer service levels. Delivered through an app or website, it can include the following features:

Personalised communications feed
Staff recognition & nominations
Training and skills modules
Employee rewards
Engagement Insights
Employee badges & awards
Community & two-way dialogue
Knowledge assessments



Organisations with highly-rated cultures of recognition are 2.5 times more likely to see improved employee engagement.

Source: Achievers

A cost effective reward and recognition programme

We're here to help! At Neon, we’ve been creating impactful employee recognition programmes for our clients for 20 years. We know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to increasing employee engagement and we can create an effective solution designed for you and your business objectives.

Employee recognition experts

We have a hugely experienced team of engagement experts who have a combined wealth of experience in running reward and recognition platforms and celebratory events across the globe.

We are able to offer a fresh and considered approach to your reward and recognition brief. Every human in the world is unique and it’s so important not to forget this when it comes to your employee recognition scheme - it's not a “one size fits all”. 

Unique employee reward ideas

We are experts in fulfilling global rewards unique to an individual’s wants, needs or hobbies. From yoga classes, to online cooking, local experiences and team events! We have an experienced communications team, who will help to write inspiring communications that will engage and motivate your teams whilst being reflective of your brand. 

Employee recognition schemes could improve your businesses performance

Find out how

Looking to bring your employees together?

Our employee recognition programmes can create a positive and engaging working culture. Do you want to bring that alive in a face-to-face environment? Our employee engagement events do just that and more.