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Neon Agency’s employee engagement software connects your people more closely to your business. Using both mobile apps and web solutions we ensure we reach everybody across your organisation. 

We believe that effective employee engagement and communication with your employees should be at the core of your business strategy. It is the catalyst that drives creativity, commitment and loyalty, making employees feel valued and motivated to keep improving.

Designed to promote a productive workforce

Our clients often ask us what the best employee engagement software is to use and our answer is 'one which best aligns to your business'. We believe that every employee engagement solution should help to create a sense of community where everyone lives by your business objectives and brand values.

Our programmes provide you with the tools to deliver the encouragement, support, feedback, and appreciation that leads to a happier, more engaged, and an increasingly productive workforce.

Explore how employee engagement software could improve your businesses performance

Achieving high engagement levels

Engagement is key! On our Vodafone programme we are extremely proud of having an active engagement level of 90% of the retail network. The employee engagement app has the ability to communicate right down to region, store or individual level.

Targeted communications, knowledge, sales activity and brand news all ensure we maintain the exceptionally high engagement levels of the 3,000 + user network. We help them to deliver an uplift of 45% in sales mix every month whilst Vodafone has seen a significant shift in employee satisfaction.

What does it look like?

Here is an example programme which is designed to help clients deliver effective communications, create a positive employee culture, and increase staff retention rates.

Personal Communications Feed

Gets the right information to your audience at the right time, creating dialogues and connections, specifically supporting the subject of the incentive.

Campaigns & Objectives Suite

Shows campaigns that target specific objectives within set time frames.

Mindset Exploration & Support

Helps generate the right mindset and approach to the task at hand.

Skills and Knowledge Modules

Educates and reinforces key information on product, process, behaviours, services and offers to maximise results.

Rewards & Recognition

Recognises and rewards consistent and exceptional performance.

Engagement Insights

Empowers employees to understand their engagement output and facilitates decision making of key stakeholders.


Employee engagement levels

Our employee engagement software has the ability to communicate right down to region, store or individual level, helping achieve great engagement.

Tailored employee engagement tools

We are leaders in providing the best employee engagement software which can be implemented quickly, effectively and efficiently for you to see measurable results. With our technology, you’ll see the difference to your KPIs, your people's performance and your customers' engagement. 

We can provide you with the best employee engagement solutions that are tailor-made to suit the needs of your business. Everything included is designed to help you achieve your specific needs and objectives, supported by a team of engagement experts to help run the programme and deliver excellent results.

A programme that fits your needs

Our mobile, web and app software has delivered time after time for our clients achieving excellent results across the automotive, agricultural, legal and telecommunications sectors. We have a broad active user base from sales teams, to head office staff and partners, situated across the globe. 

Neon Agency’s employee engagement software includes a set of flexible features to cover key aspects within an employee's role such as knowledge, recognition, wellbeing, mindset, feedback and more. Importantly, it is delivered by our engagement experts, with a wealth of experience to ensure you get the most return from your programme. 

Microlearning and employee engagement

Microlearning has gained popularity as an effective method for developing and reinforcing knowledge and skills for employees and distribution channels. It refers to the delivery of small, bite-sized units of learning content that are designed to be concise, focused, and easily digestible. At Neon, we incorporate microlearning into our employee engagement programmes and deliver dynamic modules through our mobile accessible technology.

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What our clients say

They are a team of passionate individuals allowing them to provide direct service levels and really get to understand the needs and challenges of our business.
It’s obvious from working with the team at Neon that they love what they do and this shines through when we work together and in each project they deliver.

Why work with Neon

Account Management

An experienced account team will be on hand to drive the programme and help you maximise results.


Our solutions are designed to fit the look and feel of your branding and culture.


We ensure flexibility to adapt and evolve alongside your needs and requirements, allowing for changes of focus.


We provide access to performance dashboards to track and monitor the impact of the programme.


All of our technology solutions are fully secure and GDPR compliant.

Integrated Software

We support integration into existing company software (Salesforce, Training databases etc.).

Explore how employee engagement software could improve your businesses performance

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Looking to add an incentive overlay?

Our employee engagement software ensures reach across your business. But what if you need to drive performance amongst your sales team? Our employee incentives add a further layer of mechanics to motivate and stretch your team's performance.