Employee engaement

Employee Engagement

Neon Agency is an employee engagement agency with demonstrable success in designing and managing industry leading employee engagement solutions.

We help create a positive and engaging culture for your employees through engagement programmes and live events. We know that looking after your employees helps them, you, and your business as a whole, which is why we work with some of the largest companies in the automotive, telecommunications, manufacturing and agricultural industries. 

Neon Agency, an employee engagement company

Our employee engagement solutions have enabled many companies to create high-functioning and effective workforces, both in the UK and overseas. Through the use of our platforms and apps, brands are able to engage staff from all over the globe, aligning both business and employee values.

As an employee engagement company, our clients look to us for advice and solutions to improve employee engagement within their business. We offer a range of technology-led solutions and corporate events, such as conferences and awards dinners, and provide recommendations and support to drive positive business outcomes. 

Find out how employee engagement software could improve your business performance

Our employee engagement platform

We deliver true engagement for clients through the implementation and management of our employee engagement platform. Used by large brands such as Vodafone, AGCO and Stellantis, and with thousands of employees interacting daily, our employee engagement app is proven to be highly effective at improving business performance. 

At Neon Agency our employee engagement programmes are designed to help create a positive and engaging culture for your employees. Our solutions help employers to build a sense of community, where everyone feels valued and supported. 

Our digital employee engagement platform helps foster a culture of engagement and communication, enabling colleagues to connect with the business and each other for a more fulfilling workplace experience.

What is employee engagement software?

Employee engagement software is a tool through which a business can better understand its employees, both collectively and at an individual level. This software can provide powerful business insight, from which to drive a happier, more engaged and productive workforce. 

At Neon Agency, our employee engagement software is implemented via a mobile app and website and is designed to help clients deliver effective communications and create a positive employee culture.

Numerous studies have researched employee engagement and satisfaction, and the results are consistent…

Tactical incentive programmes

We pride ourselves on designing employee engagement programmes that deliver the right information to your employees at the right time, creating dialogues that build trust and investment.

With the right employee engagement software in place, companies can help employees to improve their skills and knowledge. Our employee engagement programmes educate and reinforce key information on services and products, processes and behaviours to empower employees and increase their job satisfaction.

Benefits & Outcomes

The benefit of employee engagement software is the business insight it can provide. It exposes key stakeholders to real-time data on what is happening within their business, to facilitate positive and proactive decision making.

Build a trusted community
Clear channels of communication
Improve employee knowledge
Reward your
Create a positive culture
Increase staff retention
Improve business performance

Measurable performance improvement

Employee engagement programmes are useful to large companies who want to achieve measurable performance improvement. As an employee engagement agency we provide an external perspective to business challenges and recommend solutions that will positively impact your employees and teams.

Driving engagement and sales uplift

A telecommunications client saw over 90% monthly employee engagement following the rollout of our employee engagement app to their retail network. With an average uplift in sales of over 30%, and further uplift following the participation in knowledge and skills modules, we are now in our 6th year of managing their employee engagement programme. 

Find out how employee engagement software could improve your business performance

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Our employee engagement programmes connect your employees to your business to create an enjoyable and engaging working culture. Explore how employee engagement rewards can further motivate and engage your staff.