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Neon Agency is a specialist employee rewards agency, experienced in providing inspirational and motivational rewards to company employees in the UK and worldwide. 

Our vision is to inspire, motivate and engage employees through the implementation of bespoke employee reward programmes. We are an established employee rewards company with years of experience in proposing the most effective rewards to help businesses to celebrate success and recognise performance. 

Our approach to employee rewards

Our approach is to fully understand your business challenges in order to design an effective programme for employees. This allows us to connect with your audiences, build dialogue and analyse the impact of activities. 

As an employee rewards company, with a strong supplier network, we are proud to provide some of the world’s largest automotive, telecommunications and agricultural brands with reward services. All of our programmes are underpinned with a reward offering, be it concierge services, digital e-codes and gift cards to experience days and incentive travel trips. 

Find out how our employee rewards programmes could improve your businesses performance

Employee rewards and recognition programmes

Our employee rewards programmes are fully customisable and can be implemented in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Designed with your company objectives in mind, we combine our technology solutions, with years of employee engagement experience, to construct a strategic solution that will deliver results. 

Whether you need to motivate sales staff, run a tactical incentive, or simply send a thank you, our rewards platform for employees is both cost-effective and quick to implement. We have decades of experience culminating in a technology-led solution for employee rewards that ensures employers are confident they are rewarding the right people, with the most appropriate reward. 

Branded and flexible rewards platforms

Our employee rewards programmes are designed to adopt the look and feel of your brand, creating your own platform for your employees. Our flexible mobile-first interface allows your programme to grow and evolve alongside your business needs and requirements. 

Data driven employee rewards and recognition programmes

Our employee rewards and recognition programme allows you to communicate to staff via a mobile app feed and email communications. We provide you access to insight dashboards throughout a campaign, to track and monitor employee performance. 

Integrating into a rewards platform for employees

Our technology solution supports integration into existing company software (Salesforce, Training databases etc.). Meaning you can reward an employee for a variety of metrics and performance led criteria.

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Employee rewards programmes that meet your needs

Our programmes are tailor-made to suit the needs of your business. You will be supported by a team of employee reward experts that will be on hand to help run the programme, manage employee communications and deliver excellent results. 



Engaged employees are more present and productive driving positive behaviours which result in 21% greater profitability.
Source: Gallup

The benefits of an employee rewards programme

Introducing an employee rewards programme into your business can bring significant benefits to both employee satisfaction and business performance. With a defined and structured rewards programme your company can:

Create a high performing
Encourage dialogue between colleagues and management
Support employee mental health and wellbeing
Recognise and
reward positive contributions
Close knowledge
and skills gaps
Increase productivity and staff retention
Build a positive company culture
Encourage personal development

The advantages of an employee reward programme

The advantages of implementing an employees reward programme with Neon Agency is our ability to flex and adapt to your requirements. Our mobile app and web platforms are fully customisable, giving you the option to turn modules on or off as required, meaning your programmes can evolve over time and your budget can go further.

Measuring the success of employee rewards

Our team of employee reward experts will work with you to structure the mechanic and metrics for your programme, we can help with budget allocation, reward weighting and localisation of in-market rewards. We will measure programme success based on a matrix which may include employee survey results, increased engagement levels, sales uplift and knowledge assessments.

Employee reward programme ideas

Our vision is to inspire, motivate and engage businesses and their employees to reach their full potential.​ In order to achieve this we work with companies to come up with innovative and effective employee reward programme ideas. 

We’ve delivered personal holidays and VIP experience days to technology bundles and money can’t buy travel trips, whether individuals, couples or team rewards, our ideas will always be relevant to your goals and budget.

We listen to your challenges and connect with stakeholders to help you to define a path for success. At Neon we believe the best employee reward programme ideas come from strong, positive collaboration between client and agency. 

Find out how our employee rewards programmes could improve your businesses performance

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Looking to further recognise your employees?

Our employee rewards programmes are structured to award employees with appropriate rewards. But what about a more formal recognition mechanic? Take a look at our employee recognition platform to build a positive community reflective of your brand.