Optimum Performance

Optimum Performance is the practical ‘person centric’ framework we use when talking to our clients. It allows us to formulate solutions that lead to continued positive change, and optimisation of commercial and operational aspects of their business.

Extensive Experience

This philosophy has been cultivated from years of experience helping clients overcome a variety of challenges, and is comprised of elements that not only tell us ‘what’ the level of performance is, but also ‘why’ it is so – it is fundamentally about understanding and empowering your people.

Deep Understanding

Through this deep understanding of the people within your business, we can build connections, recognise excellence, and provide support for continuous performance optimisation.


Whether you’re looking to improve performance of a broad range of metrics, engage your employees more effectively, or simply hit a specific target, the fundamentals of the philosophy remain the same, with the breadth and depth of each component scaled accordingly to overcome the challenge at hand.

Why have a philosophy?

Through our extensive experience helping clients overcome a plethora of challenges, we’ve noted patterns and approaches that invariably lead to more success than others.

We have condensed this experience into a framework that can be applied quickly and effectively ensuring you start seeing results from the get-go. It also forms the lens through which our team measures the effectiveness of our services, ensuring that you’re always getting the best support and guidance for your programme(s).  

The pillars of performance

We refer to the core aspects - or components - of the philosophy as ‘pillars’. Each of these pillars addresses an element that will impact your business’, employees’ and channel partners’ abilities to deliver the desired outcomes.

There are five pillars, all underpinned by strong and effective communication mechanics. Whenever designing a Performance Improvement, Employee Engagement, or Incentive programme we incorporate each pillar to varying degrees, depending on what we’re looking to address.  

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Optimum Performance

These five pillars are the core aspects of performance and engagement that must be addressed to create positive results. We address each of these areas to varying degrees in all our programmes, tending to the needs of your business and your desired outcomes.


What: Clearly communicating to employees their objectives and targets. Helping them understand what is required of them, why it is being asked, and how to achieve it.

Why: Knowing what is expected of you, and when, empowers you to determine the best course of action to get there.


What: Understanding the individual’s psychological relationship to their work. This includes how attitudes and beliefs towards their role, the brand, the products and their abilities impact their performance.

Why: Those satisfied in their roles, who feel confident, and open to new challenges are most likely to excel.

Knowledge & Skills

What: Enabling the highest levels of competency, ensuring employees know how to excel.

Why: Individuals whose knowledge and abilities are nourished feel more competent, motivated, and confident, increasing chances of success.

Rewards & Recognition

What: Recognising and rewarding exceptional achievement, providing incentive to go above and beyond. 

Why: Recognising individual contributions creates a sense of value and belonging which further motivates and engages.


What: Real time dashboards that provide insight into performance across a variety of metrics, both personal (engagement, satisfaction etc.) to commercial (sales, NPS) and so on.

Why: By giving access to track performance people can see their impact in real time.

Empowers employees to understand their performance output and facilitates decision making of key stakeholders.

Real world application

Whenever we begin a journey with a new client, we start by understanding what they are hoping to accomplish by doing a deep dive into their objectives and challenges. We then cross-reference our philosophy with those requirements, scaling each area in a way that supports a path to success.

The path is defined as the most effective route to understanding how employees and channel partners are engaging with their roles and responsibilities, seeking out any challenges, and most effectively providing support and guidance to keep growing and improving.  

Delivery mechanics

We apply our philosophy to solutions which are most often native mobile applications, supported by desktop-based CMS and analytics systems. We incorporate a multitude of mechanics that address the pillars of performance and create an environment that positively encourages continuous improvement.

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