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A Powerful Performance Solution

Neon Agency’s performance improvement software includes a set of flexible features to cover key aspects within an employee's role such as knowledge, recognition, wellbeing, mindset, feedback and more. Importantly, it is delivered by our performance experts, with a wealth of experience to ensure you get the most return from your programme. 

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Design Features

Designed to help clients deliver effective communications, create a positive employee culture, and increase staff retention rates.

Personal Communications Feed

Gets the right information to your audience at the right time, creating dialogues and connections, specifically supporting the subject of the incentive.

Campaigns & Objectives Suite

Shows campaigns that target specific objectives within set time frames.

Mindset Exploration & Support

Helps generate the right mindset and approach to the task at hand.

Skills and Knowledge Modules

Educates and reinforces key information on product, process, behaviours, services and offers to maximise results.

Rewards & Recognition

Recognises and rewards consistent and exceptional performance.

Performance Insights

Empowers employees to understand their performance output and facilitates decision making of key stakeholders.

A programme that fits your needs

We are leaders in providing the best performance improvement software which can be implemented quickly, effectively and efficiently for you to see measurable results. With our technology, you’ll see the difference to your KPIs, your people's performance and your customers' engagement.

Microlearning and performance improvement

Microlearning has gained popularity as an effective method for developing and reinforcing knowledge and skills for employees and distribution channels. It refers to the delivery of small, bite-sized units of learning content that are designed to be concise, focused, and easily digestible. At Neon, we incorporate microlearning into our performance improvement programmes and deliver dynamic modules through our mobile accessible technology.

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Looking to add an incentive overlay?

Our performance improvement software ensures reach across your business. But what if you need to drive performance amongst your sales team? Our employee incentives add a further layer of mechanics to motivate and stretch your team's performance.