Performance Improvement

Are you really getting the best return from the investment in your workforce?

For many organisations, labour is their greatest cost and investment, but enhanced productivity is proving elusive.

The latest LSE research offers a discouraging outlook for the UK in comparison with other developed economies.

"UK Productivity is about a quarter lower than it would have been if it followed a pre-crisis trajectory. The greater fall of UK productivity growth than other countries is due to lower growth in capital and skills. - London School of Economics."

Reduced investment in capital expenditure and skills growth is highlighted as a major cause, but what is at the heart of increasing productivity and inspiring employees and key business partners to perform at their best?

Neon’s Optimum Performance philosophy is based upon providing the tools for inspiring people to be their best, in an integrated improved performance and productivity solution.

To produce their best, employees and business partner representatives must;

  • Be engaged through dialogue at several levels.
  • Have a clear set of personal and business objectives.
  • Benefit from perpetually reinforced and enhanced knowledge and skills.
  • Receive constant updates on achievements and comparative performance.
  • Earn appropriate recognition and reward for improvement and growth.
  • Check regularly they always work with a positive mindset for their personal and corporate wellbeing.

Driving Engagement & Productivity

Neon Agency have over 50 years’ experience of helping clients achieve much higher levels of engagement and productivity for their audiences in employee and distribution channels.

Our specially developed Optimum Performance software suite is built to help audiences receive the SIX Key Ingredients for high performance.

A Powerful Performance Solution

See our performance improvement software demonstration video below or find out more here.

Optimum Performance provides the ultimate tools to inspire and deliver higher performance and improved productivity and gain measurable return on investment from your workforce assets.

The programme is scalable and customisable to meet your organisation's exact needs in an affordable manner.

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