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Best Forms of Communication and How We Use Them to Reach Our Audiences

Best Forms of Communication and How We Use Them to Reach Our Audiences

We all know how important communication is, and as a Performance Improvement Agency it is vital that we keep our audiences engaged and up to date with everything they need to know or things that we believe would benefit them!

We like to plan out all our communications every month in a comms plan to double check we aren’t missing anything important! This is also a great way to check that we won’t be sending too much within a close time frame and become quickly regarded as ‘spam’. All of our communications should be sufficiently relevant, fresh and engaging to invite response/dialogue and action.  

In this blog post we will outline some of our best forms of communication and how Neon like to use these to reach our target audiences.

Push notifications

Who doesn’t get excited when they see their phone light up with a new notification? We use this powerful tool to send over short and snappy messages as a quick way of getting attention for important updates and information. We can use our push notifications to target specific people or audiences to make sure they are only seeing the updates that are relevant to them.

We also have the option of Intelligent Delivery. This sends out our chosen notification over a 24-hour period at the time each user is most likely to open notifications. We use this to maximise open rates, and have found that we typically get just over more than double the amount of people opening these than we do with the standard notifications.

Snail mail

In a world where almost all our communication is delivered through our phones or computers, at Neon we like to spice things up and surprise our clients with some good old-fashioned snail mail. We like to use newsletters, postcards, and written messages as they tend to get more attention for being personal and stepping away from the ever-overflowing inbox. Also, who isn’t intrigued by receiving a letter that isn’t a bill or a parking ticket in 2020?!

Written communications are also a great way to show off your creative flair. For example, to promote the launch of one of our client’s new app, we sent everyone a newsletter using the brands colours, bold titles, and lots of images. We believe that creativity and personalisation is a great way of effective communication! People only remember 10% of what they hear or read after 3 days, but if you’re looking at images with the same information, retention goes up to 65%!*

News articles

Sick of seeing the News revolve around Brexit and Covid? Us too. That is why for our client’s apps, we like to use ‘News Articles’ as a form of communication. These are short articles (positive only!) that we publish every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In an industry where engagement is so important, uploading news articles on set days every week keeps the users coming back to the app regularly to check the news for any exciting updates or important information that they need to know or may have missed.


When we say the words visual communication, what comes to mind? Is it the latest meme you have seen going round on your social media? Or maybe a group chat loaded with GIFs and emojis? At Neon we like to go the extra mile, let’s say, balloons!  

Balloons are a different and exciting medium of communication, an old tool that is still being used today in a modern world. No matter how old you get, when you see a balloon, you instantly think positive! From birthdays to car sales, balloons are a great shortcut to announce something exciting.

That is why for the past month, we have been working on an exciting and important launch of a new product for one of our clients. To communicate this launch to the audience, we sent out over 130 boxes across the UK which included brand coloured balloons, giant Orbz balloons, ribbon, bunting and ceiling decorations. We are also currently working on some amazing balloon arches/columns for the same product!  

Interested in how Neon could help you with your next go to market launch or challenges with communication within your business? Contact us for some great case studies today.

* Stat from Movable Ink