Employee Engagement

Confident your customer service and satisfaction actions are really hitting the mark with consumers?

This is what the Institute of Customer Service most recently uncovered in their 2023 survey.

“The latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index results present a sobering, if perhaps unsurprising picture. Average customer satisfaction in the UK fell compared to last year and is at its lowest level since 2015. While the overall index declined by 1.8 points, several findings give cause for concern. Every sector in the 13 surveyed has lower customer satisfaction than a year ago.”

The results

The UKCSI make specific recommendations for areas that require urgent address. But, before revealing those, Neon recommends it is important that any organisation seeking the rich rewards of continuous customer delight, utilise a continuous learning reinforcement process focused upon the five key behaviours, that are the bedrock of great customer relationships.


In dealing with distressed or angry customers it’s vital not to crack under pressure. Difficult customer calls can be stressful, and more so if face to face. However, composure is the very best way to deal with this situation. Take time to listen to customers (even if it is a complaint!), try your utmost to offer a solution and they will be more relaxed than at the start of the call. The outcome will be feeling you have offered them great service and hence they are much more likely to return to buy your services.


Empathise with customers by showing interest in them. This doesn’t necessarily mean talking, it’s much more important to listen intently to what’s said. The ability to empathise and build rapport is a vital ingredient for gaining future business.


Knowing and understanding your customers business is key to building a great relationship. Nothing sounds worse than negotiating with a company to sell a product or service but being unable to demonstrate any knowledge about them. To ensure you offer customers great service, employees need equipping with continuous on-going training reinforcement. It’s an extra expense but will pay handsomely in terms of growth, customer retention and satisfaction.


Your employees won’t know the answer to every single query – but  can still deliver excellent service if they are honest. It is much better to show integrity and call the customer back with an answer later, than making up an answer, in the hope it’s correct! Train your employees as much as possible, but also encourage them to be honest.


It is important to be courteous when customers speak, even if you don’t really agree with them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and there is no need for disrespect because their opinion is different.

The UKCSI recommendations from this latest 2023 research, in the order prioritised by customer feedback are as follows:

- Preventing problems and improving complaint handling.

- Making it easier for customers to access help and expertise.

- Respond to customers personal situations and needs.

- Professionalise customer service behaviours and attitudes.

- Do the right thing in business practice; balancing the needs of shareholders, customers, employees, partners, suppliers, and wider society.

Neon Agency has wide experience in devising and delivering micro learning programmes which reinforce key messages in bitesize chunks using gamification and achieving over 85% active engagement. If you want to investigate ways of ensuring your customer experience is consistently outstanding, please contact us for an initial chat.

Act quickly because the research confirms:

54% of customers report that customer service feels like an afterthought for most. Source: ZenDesk Customer Experience Trends 2022.

More than 60% of customers will defect after one bad experience, up 22% from last year. Source: ZenDesk Customer Experience Trends report 2022.