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Effective Ways to Virtually Reward and Recognise Your Employees

Effective Ways to Virtually Reward and Recognise Your Employees

Rewarding and recognising your employees is just as important now as it has ever been. 

In the office, rewarding and recognising your team would probably involve face-to-face reviews, company updates in the office and team lunches however, as these means aren’t possible at the moment, it’s important to find effective alternative ways to do this virtually.

Here are Neon’s top ways to recognise your employees hard work virtually:

Employee of the Month

“Employee of the Month” is a brilliant way to reward and recognise your employees hard work and dedication to the business and can easily be implemented virtually.

Perhaps an individual has adjusted to working from home like a pro or, has kept the team’s spirits high by organising a virtual game to keep everyone connected and entertained. Whatever it is that has caused this employee to stand out, it’s important to recognise it!

Set up a Skype or Zoom call with the rest of the company and show your appreciation to this individual with a voucher (or other reward) in front of the rest of the team. This will ensure this employee feels valued and should spur on the rest of the team to thrive towards the title the next month. 

Recognise hard work and support a local business 

In the current climate, supporting local businesses where you can is integral. Therefore, when rewarding a member of your team, why not opt for a local gift card?

Whether it’s a gift card for a farm shop where they can get their all-important groceries, an independent shop where they can treat themselves to a gift in the future or a restaurant you know they’ve always wanted to visit, it’s a nice gesture to reward them with something that is useful or personal to them and, will help support a local business and the community at the same time - even if it’s a gift card they will have to wait to use!

Online development

Some employees may find themselves with extra capacity to focus on other areas of your business. Therefore, now is a good time for employees to develop or learn a new skill that’ll benefit them in the workplace.

If there’s a learning programme or course that an individual has wanted to do for a while, reward them with the opportunity of online development. It’ll keep them busy and give them a sense of achievement in a time where it may be hard to stay motivated.

Lunch from afar

If this isn’t a reward that’ll make your colleagues jump for joy, we don’t know what will! 

Lunches with colleagues don’t have to stop just because you're in lockdown. If you want to lift a teammates spirits or thank them for something they’ve done, why not organise a delivery of food to their door? Companies such as, Deliveroo and Uber Eats are still available to deliver an array of delicious meals and if you still want to gossip over your lunch, organise a video call at the same time!

Get in touch to let us know how you're currently rewarding and recognising your team virtually.