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Establishing Channels of Communication and Feedback that Engage your Staff after Covid-19

Establishing Channels of Communication and Feedback that Engage your Staff after Covid-19

Everyone’s experience of lockdown and working from home during the Covid-19 crisis has been different. Many will still have fears over the threat of Coronavirus and feel offices are opening too soon, some may feel the opposite and wish to return to work sooner. The importance of effective communication is greater now than ever before.

Neon can help build an incentive or recognition platform that supports your business goals and objectives. A huge part of what we do and what we build into our programmes are engagement and communication elements. 

To achieve efficient communication during this transition period, Neon can help you support your employees return to the workplace with the below communication strategies. These can work independently or, as part of an existing incentive or communication platform:

Regular news and messaging updates

As opposed to waiting for the next company update meeting, during this difficult time we decided to send shorter, engaging pieces of news outlining the businesses financial health and stability, areas for concern, actions we are taking and where all employees should focus their efforts. Moreover, to bring everyone together and celebrate success and share updates and online social events. 

Neon has a number of creative templates we use with existing platforms to reinforce company news and goals. Being transparent and talking with your colleagues first will ensure they do not feel alienated. 

If your employees feel trusted and better informed they will be more willing to represent you and support your overall goals and objectives. Our technology can send push notes to an individual or group and bring attention to logging in. With an alert system within an App for  example, when an individual logs in, you can ensure your important messages are never missed.

Building a new culture remotely and in the office

You may have some employees that are still furloughed, some working in the office and others still choosing to work remotely. Think about taking a ‘hybrid’ approach to this. You could create a comms platform that can host online events, Q&A sessions and live polls, which you can stream from your office with those that are there in person. Think about hosting an event to introduce your return to the workplace plan, ensuring you include every member of your network. 

Many companies will have to operate in a new way during and post Covid. If you are having to adapt or change your company values, celebrate these by recognising those that deliver on your new way of working. Why not consider sharing stories on an internal communication platform as employees return to the workplace, celebrate success and discuss the challenges they overcame.

The importance of feedback

Feedback allows management to track whether business messages have reached the target audience and achieved the desired results. The employer can track opinions, perceptions and expectations and can reveal where some individuals within their management teams could be sending or translating the wrong message. 

Often you can find valuable information in feedback and suggestions for minimising damaging messages or seizing new opportunities. Neon uses a number of opinion polls, topic forums and pulse surveys to constantly check employee satisfaction.

Return stronger and put your focus on workforce effectiveness and wellbeing

As people begin to return to the workplace, why not organise a monthly exercise challenge? This will create a great sense of collaboration within the team and will also help enhance wellbeing at a time where it is really needed.

Empower by Charity Miles is a brilliant App designed specifically to engage your employees whilst donating money to charity. Employees have the visibility that you are contributing for each mile they run, walk or swim, meaning they will feel even more supported and appreciated. 

Want to find out more? We can help you build an effective communications plan and create the most appropriate tools to re-engage with your staff and business channels. Contact us today.