Performance Improvement

Four Ways to Motivate your Employees to Hit and Exceed Targets

Neon's top tips on ways to motivate your employees to hit and exceed their targets in the workplace.

Keeping your employees motivated is a tough feat. However, it is a feat worth investing some time and money in.

If you keep your employees feeling recognised, valued and motivated, they are a lot more likely to stay engaged and work harder to exceed themselves and their targets – positive reinforcement in the workplace is a god send.

Here are Neon’s top four ways to motivate employees to hit and exceed targets:

Rewards and Recognition

Every employee wants to be recognised for the dedication and hard slog they put in at work. Whether it’s smashing their sales targets, winning a challenging account or ensuring there’s always enough coffee in the staff room to keep everyone awake, these achievements should be rewarded to keep employees feeling valued and motivated.

A bottle of wine, a TV or a lavish trip abroad are all gifts, which say, ‘thank you, we notice you and we notice all your hard work’ and will unconsciously encourage your employees to work harder to exceed themselves day-to-day.


If you were offered a luxury, all-expenses-paid trip to the Maldives, an indulgent night dining at a Michelin star restaurant or even a £50 Amazon voucher in exchange for hitting a few more targets at work, would it motivate you to push yourself that little bit harder at work? We think so!

Incentives are an excellent way to stimulate employees and, when done well, they are a powerful tool in unleashing ambition and drive in the workplace. Incentives motivate people to hit and exceed targets and introduces some friendly competition amongst colleagues to inspire one another to work harder.

Once the employees have returned from their experience, their memories and gratitude will also ensure they continue to push themselves to secure their spot on the next trip.


It’s important to promote a good work-life balance. Most people spend approximately 40 hours a week in the work place so it’s essential that it’s an environment where employees feel comfortable, at ease and most importantly, happy.

If someone needs to work from home to look after a sick child or, needs to pop to the doctors with little notice, an employer who is understanding of these circumstances will build a mutual respect with their employee, increasing productivity levels in general in the workplace.


Communication is integral.

If employers are transparent with their employees and communicate effectively when important decisions are made within the company, employees will feel trusted, valued and respected, inevitably leading to a more motivated workforce.

At Neon, we feel if you make the effort to reward, recognise and incentivise your employees, they will be more motivated to surpass themselves at work. As a result, you will notice an increase in the happiness of your employees as well as an increase in your return on investment.