How Are You Feeling About Lockdown 2.0?

How Are You Feeling About Lockdown 2.0?

Following on from the news of a second lockdown, the Neon Team have been reflecting on how we’re all feeling about another lockdown and what we’re going to be doing to keep our mental health and wellness in check during this time.

Here is what some the team have to say:

“I am feeling a bit more positive about the second lockdown than the first one. We have already been through this once and know what to expect. Our twins are learning to walk at the moment so there is no chance of me getting bored. I will be busy chasing after them, but hopefully there will still be enough time to watch some football”.

Martin, Senior Account Manager

“I am feeling a little daunted about a lockdown in winter… summer seemed much easier to think about when we could set up our home office outdoors and take breaks in the fresh air! It also started to feel that meeting face to face, and event kick offs might start happening again, to sadly be back to where we were in March. 

To compensate I am taking the time to engage with our event and business suppliers to explore some virtual offerings for Employee Engagement and Performance Improvement. I have joined an online talk about ‘how we do business differently now'. I think looking for new insights and ways in which we can adapt to approaching our work and wellbeing second time round will help me stay motivated. I am looking forward to taking this time to explore how we can help support our clients and any new prospects during lockdown v2”!

Hattie, Head of Business Development and Marketing

“I’m planning on using this month to look after myself, eat healthily and lay off the booze (which became a regular occurrence in our house in lockdown #1!) This time round I’m focussing on keeping healthy, staying positive and limiting the amount of news I view. I’m also not going to be hard on myself if I break all of these, which knowing my track record with resolutions is highly likely”!

Laura, Client Services Director 

“In some ways I’m feeling okay about lockdown 2.0 - I’m now used to working from home and have adjusted to a new channel of communication with my client which works really well! However, I’m also feeling a bit apprehensive about it being during winter. I know the grey weather and the early dark nights are likely to cause my motivation levels to drop, so I’m going to make sure I stay proactive and think of ways to combat this.

I plan to take this time to get back into a good exercise routine, eat healthily in the run up to an inevitably indulgent Christmas and do bits around the house I keep putting off. As a household, we’ve filled a fish bowl with fun and practical things to do during lockdown - each day we’re drawing from it and making sure we get the task done to prevent us from falling into a lazy rut! This is anything from cleaning the bathroom to going on a long walk somewhere new. We’re also doing paint by numbers, which I’ve found to be a really relaxing activity to do at the end of the day”.

Lydia, Account Executive

“I’m feeling better prepared for lockdown this time with my home office fully set-up, and comfy WFH clothes well stocked!

This time I am hoping my fitness journey will last longer than the one-week it did the first time around. This should be helped with the company Strava group that has been set up to add a competitive edge with the employee who runs the furthest during lockdown declared the winner. I may even have time to sort my Christmas presents in time this year to avoid my usual Christmas Eve shopping centre dash”.

Rhys, Account Manager

“I am definitely feeling more prepared and confident about this lockdown sequel! Although I will miss my friends and going to the pub until 10pm, I have made sure that I have things in place to keep me occupied for the next four weeks. I have decided to dust off my Spanish degree, and my colleague Lydia has always been keen to learn Spanish for her travels to South America, so we have decided to team up every Tuesday over Zoom and present a topic of our choice each (in Spanish). This will keep my brain working, help someone else and is also an excuse to spend time with someone that isn’t my Mum or dogs”!!

Maisie, Junior Account Executive

What is Neon doing during this time to help keep up our team’s wellness?

Neon is invested in building a culture that values health, team work, empathy and giving back. Our board of directors fully support the importance of our employees being healthy, happy and proud and as a result, have challenged the team to walk or run 300 miles over lockdown for a charity close to all our hearts - not only during the pandemic but at this time of year.

We can sympathise entirely with how isolating lockdown can be, which is why we want to support Age UK with every mile we run. The charity provides companionship and support to older people who need it most, especially in times of self isolation and Christmas. Rallying around this single cause has already had a positive impact on our collaboration and teamwork as we work together towards this common goal!

We understand that these times are unusual and rewarding and recognising your employees takes a bit more thinking outside of the box - but that’s what we’re here for! Whether it’s organising your virtual Christmas party, sending Christmas gifts to your employee’s homes or managing your communications through an online platform, we can support you in any way you need.

Get in touch if you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you support your team through incentives, reward and recognition or virtual event solutions during this time.