How Can Neon Help your Business?

How Can Neon Help your Business?

Neon is an agency, which focuses on helping companies excite, engage and motivate their employees. We believe that when employees feel inspired, valued and rewarded in the workplace, they will excel in their role, ensuring an increase in return on investment and employee satisfaction and a decrease in employee turnover.


Whether it’s an award ceremony to congratulate your top sales teams, a Christmas party to thank all your staff for their hard work, a conference to educate and engage or a travel incentive trip, we have a wealth of experience in tailor-making powerful events.

Our team have excellent relationships with an extensive network of venues, hotels and technical and theming partners, who are all very well versed in executing seamless events for lots of different occasions and purposes.

We are passionate about always ensuring we understand the key goals and messages you want to communicate through your event and will work with you to create a branded event, which communicates powerful messages to your team, whilst ensuring they feel valued and proud to be a part of your company.

Performance Improvement

We have an abundant portfolio of performance improvement solutions we have created for various clients to inspire and engage their employees or partners with their brand. We can build landing pages, websites, apps and everything in between to monitor sales and targets, implement incentives and keep your employees up to date on the latest news within the company.

Through games, learning modules and prizes, we can create a whole solution to reward, recognise and inspire your employees to exceed themselves in the workplace and ‘bring home to bacon’ for your company.

Travel Incentives

We are pros at organising travel incentive trips for our clients. From a lavish experience in the Maldives to an adventure-fuelled trip in South Africa, we have contacts across the globe to help us plan every single detail of your trip down to a tee, ensuring every detail of your trip is flawless from start to finish.

Alongside the trip, we will also put together a comprehensive communications plan to motivate, excite and engage your employees and channel with the incentive. Teasers, registration, invitations, emailers and travel packs will be branded to your company, getting your audience hyped for the trip from the get-go.

Business Intelligence

Data is one of the most important areas of a business however, it is so often overlooked. Without a decent business intelligence system in place, it is hard to decipher the value of certain data and where improvements (and profit) can be made.

We can create business intelligence solutions to turn messy data into something comprehensive and useful for your business to use. Whether it's via customisable dashboards or network management software, we can create a platform that will allow you to run reports, identify behaviour and look at analytics and data to identify areas where the business can be improved.

It’ll also allow you to pin point new strategic business opportunities to help progress the company in the future.

Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss how you can increase your return on investment by recognising and rewarding your hard-working employees through events, incentives and business intelligence solutions.