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How Gamification Can be Used to Engage your Network

How Gamification Can be Used to Engage your Network

Gamification applies game mechanics to non-game situations in order to inspire and motivate action. 

At Neon, many of our clients use gamification as a driver of engagement to draw their participant base into their programme. It's a fantastic way of creating a base level of active audience participation. 

We understand games can be seen as a distraction, which is why we ensure any game we create is simple and quick to play, so it doesn’t affect the employees working day.

Here are Neon’s top three ways gamification can be used to effectively engage your network.

Integrate E-Learning

An excellent way gamification can be used to engage your network with your brand is by integrating e-learning. 

This can include quick fire product based questions, which can be used as lifelines within the games. More often than not any game questions are an extension of the e-learning modules, which we provide within the main programme. 

This therefore provides a fun, quick and efficient way of picking up knowledge and sales tips from another module within the programme other than the e-learning modules. 

Competition as a Motivator

Leagues create competition. Who doesn’t want to see their name at the top of a leaderboard?

With all of our games we create daily leaderboards in order to maximise engagement and draw participants in who haven’t engaged with the game in a given day. 


Many of our campaigns are based around a theme for example, a travel incentive to Iceland or an automotive tactical sales campaign. We therefore reflect this within any games we design and build to ensure the campaign is engaging and seamless throughout a given period.

Are you interested in using gamification to engage your network? Get in touch to chat with our team who have a huge amount of experience in creating engaging online solutions, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device!