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How to Enhance Your Team's Productivity This Quarter

How to Enhance Your Team's Productivity This Quarter

At the beginning of every year, most individuals decide they want to enhance productivity in at least one area of their life. Whether it’s work, health, finance or anything in between, it’s a time when many focus on goal setting and making changes in their life. This ‘mindset reset’ period is an excellent time for businesses to assess their workforce and pinpoint weaknesses and ways they can enhance their team’s productivity in 2022.

At Neon, we believe there are four key human success drivers that enhance productivity in the workplace and as a result, we make sure we weave these into all of our Performance Improvement programmes. When you correctly address the below success drivers, you will be presented with a more well-rounded, higher performing and productive team.

Here’s why these drivers are so important and how we integrate them into our programmes to create optimal impact.


Efficiency and productivity go hand in hand - if an employee is working efficiently, they will also be more productive as they’ll have more time to do more work.

Working within the organisations specified agreed processes and practises, without shortcuts, is key to quality and efficient output - as is identifying any improvements that can lead to even greater efficiency. In our programmes, we ensure employees are equipped with the tools they need to achieve optimum performance.


You can’t expect an employee to thrive in their role if they’re not provided with the correct tools to do so. Learning and training are key in empowering individuals to succeed in their job roles as it increases their competency to develop.

In our Performance Improvement programmes, there’s always an element of learning. Whether it’s testing their knowledge on a particular product e.g. a new electric car or providing them with important documents on product specifications, targets or compliance, it all ensures each employee is more competent and thus, efficient and productive at their job.


It’s integral that your team adhere to industry legal and security standards - they must understand the importance of not mis-selling a product, informing the customer about everything they need to know prior to a purchase as well as adhering to GDPR. This is something that can be integrated into the training element of a programme for your employees - compliance reflects hugely in the quality of the job your team does, so it’s important to prioritise it.

Once your employees are equipped with this knowledge, they will feel more confident to sell more products and provide more efficient customer service.


Engagement is key to a businesses’ success and your team’s productivity levels. If your employees aren’t engaged with your brand, business goals and values, they won’t approach their work with a positive attitude or strive for the same business success as those who are.

There are many ways to engage your team - whether it’s through communication, training, reward and recognition or all of these intertwined into one succinct programme, productivity within the workplace and business success starts with the engagement of your employees.

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