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How to Reward and Recognise Your Employees with a Small Budget

How to Reward and Recognise Your Employees with a Small Budget

Reward and recognition is integral to keeping your employees engaged and motivated in the workplace. Nonetheless, many businesses shy away from implementing an R&R programme due to the impression that it’ll cost an arm and a leg. We’re here to tell you that you can implement an effective engagement strategy on a budget - you just need to know how!

Employee of the month

Employee of the month is something that is used in a lot of businesses and has been for a long time - we use it here at Neon!

Select an employee who has gone above and beyond the scope of their role and thank them with recognition amongst their team and perhaps a voucher (if budget allows). Announce the employee of the month in a team meeting, in an email and/or on an internal communication platform to ensure the message is carried. This recognition will make sure the employee knows their extra efforts haven’t gone unnoticed and will also encourage other members of the team to work harder to secure the title the next month.

Send an e-card

E-cards are a fantastic time and money efficient way to recognise your team. They act as an easy to share ‘thank you’, which can be shared between colleagues. E-cards could be used for anything from a team member buying a round of coffees for everyone to a colleague helping out with a challenging project.

E-cards are low cost but can have a big impact, especially when customised to suit your brand.


Not all rewards need to be monetary. You can reward hard working employees with new opportunities to gain experience within the business. Whether it’s by expanding their roles and/or giving them more responsibility, acts such as these will reiterate to your employee that they’re trusted with something new and are positively working towards progression within the company.

Time off

Say ‘well done’ to your team with an extra long lunch break, an early finish on a Friday or even a surprise day off! Spare time is valuable, so rewarding a job well done with time off can be very meaningful to the people on your team.

Empower your employees  

Attribute a budget to each individual in a year and set small recognition achievements. As your teams are recognised for exceeding their role or adopting business values, they can choose to accrue or spend their earnings on the reward they truly value. At Neon, we are experts in fulfilling global rewards unique to an individual’s wants, needs or hobbies. From yoga classes, to online cooking, home renovation ideas and team events!

Build your recognition scheme into your incentives platform

Our performance improvement solutions strive to encourage a positive working behaviour through incentivisation, e-learning, leading examples and of course recognition. We achieve over 85% engagement with all of our solutions, so they really are the perfect place to communicate and connect with your frontline teams. For recognition of outstanding performance to resonate, it must be visible to the widest possible audience. The great stories behind it will inspire interest and aspiration amongst peers. We want to ensure the programme is set on centre stage. So rather than investing in a whole new platform, incorporate it into one of our solutions that can do it all for you!

Ask Neon

Do you want to implement a reward and recognition programme that doesn’t break the bank? We’re here to help! At Neon, we’ve been creating impactful R&R programmes for our clients for 20 years. We know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to increasing employee engagement and we can create an effective solution designed for you and your business objectives - no matter what the budget!

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