Performance Improvement

How We Can Use Apps To Improve Employee Performance

How We Can Use Apps To Improve Employee Performance

“The Social Dilemma? Never before have a handful of tech designers had such control over the way billions of us think, act, and live our lives” - The Social Dilemma

We live in a world where a huge percentage of our population are addicted to their phones. We are all intoxicated by scrolling, liking, sharing and commenting on different social media platforms and when we put our phones down, we then unconsciously pick them back up a few seconds later for no apparent reason.

As covered in the Netflix documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’, this innate engagement with our phones can have negative consequences, but used in the right way it can provide powerful positive enhancements to our lives, making complicated tasks and activities more accessible and easy to achieve. Through the creation of an engaging performance improvement app, we can help you effectively communicate, motivate and reward and recognise your network through the tap of a few buttons. Addiction to technology and habit will do the rest.

Here are 3 reasons to use app technology to boost performance and increase employee engagement in the workplace.


Apps are products of habit. We don’t need to scroll through Instagram for the 40th time that day, but we do it anyway because it’s become part of our routine to do so. Through building a performance improvement app, we can engage your network with your brand, products and sales incentives by making it habitual for them to ‘check in’ with what’s going on in the app. A study conducted by Appboy showed that 90% of people who engage with an app on a weekly basis for the first month after installing it, stick with it.

How do we get them engaged? Communication! The same study showed that sending just one push notification to newly acquired users during the first week after they’ve installed your app can increase retention by 71% over two months. We always ensure we communicate with our client’s network through different mediums to ensure users are engaged with the programme from the moment they download the app and from there on out.


A performance improvement app instantly opens up an invaluable channel of communication between your business and its employees. Whether it’s publishing important business news, recognising someone for their hard work or announcing an incentive campaign, you can use a multitude of different mediums to communicate with your employees and get them logging into the app regularly. From push notifications and alerts to news articles and social feeds, apps allow you to communicate quickly and efficiently with your whole network. At Neon, we communicate with our audiences on an average of 3 times per week with 108% more logins recorded on days with comms.

All Encompassing

Do you need a way to reward and recognise your network? Incentivise them to sell? Communicate with them? Train them? The great thing about a performance improvement app is that it can be all encompassing and can tick off all of your criteria in one compact and easy to use solution. The key elements of Neon’s Performance Improvement solution apps are outlined below. Each key element is a driving force in ensuring that your employees have all the tools to reach their full potential.

We proactively look for dips in learning or morale through real-time engagement tools, we identify issues before they become a problem. The result? Individuals equipped to do their job, increased productivity levels and/or a sales uplift for your business. Our aim is to achieve long lasting cultural and behavioural change within your people.

The Outcome? Towards the end of last year we launched a new App for one of our clients who had previously been using a desktop website to reward and recognise their teams. Since launching, there have been over 4x more logins compared to the previous website version and in its first month sales were up by 24% compared to last year - reiterating that Apps are more engaging and effective in upping sales.

Are you looking to engage, motivate and achieve long lasting cultural and behavioural change within your people? Contact Neon today about utilising one of their app solutions!