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Maisie’s Methods of Approaching Communication to Motivate and Engage your Employees

Maisie’s Methods of Approaching Communication to Motivate and Engage your Employees

To make sure we can do what we do best, it is important that we understand the people we are targeting. We want to know what makes them tick, what motivates them to achieve their optimum output and how Neon can help them reach their full potential.

We do this through various methods such as, eLearning, Incentives and Recognition. In this blog I will be discussing my main focus - communication!


First things first, we need to help you assess your data (read more about this in our previous blog post). From this data, we can find out who is actively or passively engaging with our platforms and identify exactly where we need to target our comms.

Why is this important? Someone who is engaging daily with one of our learning platforms (for example), will be better equipped with the knowledge to sell. They will adopt the correct selling techniques and behaviours.

How we measure participant engagement is therefore as important. A simple percentage on overall engagement can be inconclusive - it doesn’t tell the full story. We look at the different areas of our programmes in which an individual is engaging (e.g. are they checking sales but not engaging with learning?).​ We can then target the individual with communications appropriate to their shortfalls. Ultimately, to analyse how effective the programme is in meeting your business objectives. Often, we identify those who might need a gentle reminder about what is on offer and how to access it...

Push Notifications

One method of communication we use to find out more about our audiences are push notifications. Throughout the month we can send out targeted notifications to users. These can range from exciting news about prizes or important reminders and updates.

Upon sending a notification, we are able to see which ones are clicked on by the majority of people. Furthermore, which ones were opened the fastest. A tell tale sign of sorts of notifications the users enjoy receiving or find most engaging.

Once we know what kind of notification it is that attracts the users to engage with us, we are able to look into how we can use this information to our advantage and motivate them even more! For example, if the most popular notification is about a certain prize we are offering, we can make sure that throughout the month we are providing them with as much information as we can about that particular prize. If we know it is a certain prize that will incentivise them the most, then we want to make sure they are as excited as possible by hitting them with relevant comms!

Employee Feedback

The best way to find out what users are interested in and how we can help motivate them more? Ask them! Yes, it's as simple as that. For one of our client’s solutions we have an inbox solely dedicated to receiving employee feedback. We remind the teams of this feature within articles that we post about and encourage them to let us know any feedback or ideas that we can consider.

The feedback inbox is a great feature as we get suggestions that we might not have thought of ourselves and a more accurate view of our work from an outsiders point of view! This is a great, cost effective and easy way to find out what the users like or think needs changing.

Another way we get feedback from employees is through a good old fashioned survey. These can be short and sweet but are the best way to quickly get into the minds of our users and find out what they are liking and what areas they would like to be improved upon.

Forget annual surveys, at Neon we take a human centric approach. To get a return on your incentive programme, we must find out ‘real-time’ what people’s experiences are with your organisation. Our everyday feed gathers information and feedback from individuals about how they feel about our platforms, their job and general wellbeing. By identifying morale dips, we can be proactive in our approach. We find the employees who are feeling demotivated before it becomes a problem. Prevention is better than cure!

With all this feedback we can then build on the engagement of our platforms. We are proactive in improving or adding anything that will benefit our users. Making them even more engaged and motivated to sell more.

A Final Note from Neon

Good communication ensures employees stay motivated and engaged. We have seen a great shift in how organisations operate throughout this pandemic.  So, we must recognise the changes in the way people are working from home and adopt these changes for good. As you start to bring your employees back to the workplace, communicate with them, ask them how they want to work. 

At Neon we maintain work should be about delivering outcomes. We trust our employees and are flexible and understanding to their individual needs. In return everyone feels empowered to do their job. The greatest innovation is born from a positive culture. 

What do your people value and appreciate to make them perform well? We would love to hear your thoughts and help you build a successful incentive programme. All propelled by our team of communication experts of course!