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Neon’s Focus for 2021 - How we Can Help you Reach your Full Potential

Neon’s Focus for 2021 - How we Can Help you Reach your Full Potential

“There is no heavier burden than an unfulfilled potential.” —Charles Schulz*

Every employee is a piece of a giant jigsaw puzzle. If a piece is missing, the picture won’t reveal its full potential. It’s that missing potential that Neon strives to find and deliver through our bespoke solutions.

We use our platforms to identify areas where an individual may not be performing so well. We want to understand employee’s motivations, their engagement to a brand, their knowledge and so on to build the best picture of performance. Once we’re able to pinpoint the area/s where an individual is not performing so well, we can then work with the client to bring together these missing jigsaw pieces.

Reaching your Potential - Why is it Important?

Research suggests that there’s a link between employee happiness and their productivity at work. According to a study by the University of Warwick, happiness led to a 12 percent increase in productivity. Whereas unhappy workers proved to be 10 percent less productive.

"Professor Andrew Oswald, one of three researchers who led the study, said companies that invest in employee support and satisfaction tend to succeed in generating happier workers." Smart companies are noticing the value of a happy workforce, and are seeing an impact.

With an effective communications strategy, Neon can embed themselves with your employees and seek out reasons as to why certain individuals are not performing so well. Two-way dialogue is important to ensure an individual is connected with your brand. Also, quickly identifying deficits in learning and performance and correcting this can prevent an employee from becoming disengaged. If an individual feels armed with all the tools to sell effectively, they will be better at their job and happier at work. Their full potential will be reached.

Our Mission: To Help Individuals and Channel Partners Reach Their Full Potential

Our mission is to look at each individual within an organisation to understand their motivations,  their engagement, their knowledge, and so on - to build a picture of performance. We constantly discover, analyse and improve this performance to help individuals reach their full potential using our bespoke solutions outlined below. In the coming weeks we will be delving into each solution bringing you valuable insights into their importance.

Data Insights

To understand where improvements can be made within a business first, we must look at the data. Neon can take all of your valuable data e.g. engagement, learning, communication etc. out of its raw form (which won’t tell us much), and put it into custom-built intelligence dashboards. With the right logic applied to the data, it can open up another level of connection when participating with individuals.

By uniting your data into one platform, we can make your information simple to access and easy to understand, so that you and your business can achieve new levels of efficiency and quickly make data-driven decisions that are crucial to long term success. It’s important that these dashboards are constantly reviewed and adapted to ensure KPIs are up to date and are being met. By looking at the data, we can assess what areas need to be focused on to ensure your business and your employees are reaching their full potential.


Incentives come in all shapes and sizes and encompass a lot of the pieces of our puzzle.

Whether your business wants to incentivise your team to complete their e-learning modules, to encourage sales or promote excellent customer service, we have proven results from our programmes that incentives successfully do the above whilst also ensuring employees feel valued, rewarded and recognised.

Last year we saw that incentive campaigns have a positive impact on sales penetration and for one client we achieved 14x more products sold when we ran a month-long campaign in comparison to sales the month prior.

Employee Engagement

When an employee is engaged with their brand, products, goals and objectives, they are a lot more likely to perform to their best ability. If for example, an individual is not engaging with our communications, we will find out why and tailor our approach respectively. We must gain commitment from an individual to own your business objectives and be motivated to contribute to overall success.

At Neon, we look for an average engagement level of 85% and above. High engagement levels will ensure your communications and business objectives are at the heart of your employees. Your brand messaging and useful information should always be at their fingertips. When we apply the right working conditions and supply all the tools for an individual to perform to their best ability, full potential is reached.


The pace of change in all industries is quickening and products that are current now will likely be out of date within a few years. Therefore, continuous learning is vital to future success - we should take every opportunity to reinforce brand, competitor and industry knowledge.

With knowledge, comes confidence and with confidence comes sales! Knowledge is an extremely important component for any employee to reach their full potential in the workplace. If an individual doesn't have the resources to gain this knowledge, their performance may falter. Through fun and interactive E-Learning programmes, we can help you boost your team’s brand and product knowledge and consequently, help you up your sales!


Good communication is a key ingredient in achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships at all levels of an organisation. Whether it’s communicating company updates, a sales incentive or simply to say ‘thank you’, communicating well with your employees will enable you to boost morale and pinpoint areas that your team needs to focus on to help them reach their full potential.

Want to find out more? Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your team reach their full potential through employee engagement, e-learning, communication, incentives and data.

*Charles Schulz is an American Cartoonist, described as one of the most influential of his time, creator of the comic strip Peanuts
* Image rights - People vector created by pch.vector -