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Promoting Brand Engagement and Loyalty through Learning

Promoting Brand Engagement and Loyalty through Learning

Know your product. Understand your customer. Know your competitors.​ These are must haves for success in almost any sales environment, but it is amazing how many sales people know it, pay lip service to it, but don’t actually do it! ​

Many companies already devote a lot of resources trying to ensure brand representation is 100% competent on any given day. It’s a constant and continuous task and can damage and slow down sales progress.

Knowledge is a great catalyst for building engagement, which is a key task for any incentive programme. We should take every opportunity to reinforce brand, competitor and industry knowledge before sending participants ‘over the top’ in any sales campaign. ​It ensures employees are up to speed on your products, encourages adoption of company values (e.g. outstanding customer service) and regular touchpoints maintain engagement with your incentive programme.

Having a solid eLearning platform as part of your sales incentive can increase a return on investment for your business - here's how to do it and why it's so important!

A return on investment

Or else why would you do it? Our clients must obtain outstanding ROI on their investment in incentives to justify the activity. To facilitate, it’s vital every effort is made to ensure sales teams are fully equipped with knowledge and skills to do business. Most brands invest heavily in training, product knowledge, market information, intelligence and competitor analysis. We recommend keeping this content in mind when devising quiz questions. Reinforcement is more effective than repetition!

Reinforcing knowledge

It is important to determine the most suitable method of training for each audience. We have devised a simple and unique approach to this for our clients, but our approach could be different for you. Setting achievement targets based around an agreed learning method can aid in increasing acceptance of the shift of a new learning programme, particularly if the knowledge is being pushed from elsewhere within the business.

Regular online learning modules for your brand

It is hugely important to continuously train your audience. If you offer continuous training on new product releases and best practice advice, they will be reminded of the value of your products, services and brand. By planning out multiple courses, it will deepen the understanding of your products and the relationship with your business.

Multiple courses within a topic will encourage this engagement. When the participant has completed the first learning module, they will be automatically enrolled into the next. Once the course has been set up, you will have peace of mind that your training is constantly helping your staff engage with your brand.

Engage selected audiences before a tactical campaign to set them up for success​

Aligning your eLearning with your business objectives, goals and strategies will ensure overall success for your sales staff. Results have shown us from one of our telco clients, that training around a new product prior to launch has an effect of 3 times more sales compared to those who have not undertaken any training. So, wherever your objective lies, it is important to educate your staff, along with some of the other techniques we use around goal setting in last week’s blog.

Provide exceptional insights to enhance network knowledge level​

This mechanic can be aimed at engagement as well as a ‘teaching tool’. This can either be a push of information or a means to spark discussion or debate through a question topic or poll. It should provoke thought and establish a habit of going to the platform each day. Allowing others to share their thoughts, talking about new found experience and knowledge will spread expertise throughout the organisation.

Incentivise eLearning

Engagement is achieved by incentivising performance through rewarding individual results and learning outcomes. This is demonstrated both internally and externally. You could offer a prize draw for successful completion of modules, offering ​attractive rewards​. Gamification and prize draws with instant rewards are also fun ways to further reinforce knowledge in bite-size chunks, provoking thought and establishing a habit of going to your incentive programme each day.

Want to find out more about how we can help you increase engagement and productivity amongst your sales teams through eLearning? Get in touch with a member of our team to have a chat today!