Performance Improvement

The Revolution of “The New Normal” in The Workplace

It has now been just over a year since the first cases of Covid-19 were reported in the UK and in this year, we have all adapted to a new way of life. We’ve become accustomed to wearing face masks in public, sanitising our hands every couple of hours and working from home being the norm.

This year has been devastating yet monumental. It has opened businesses’ eyes to a whole new realm of workplace culture, communication, motivation and trust and as we (hopefully) begin to emerge from this pandemic, it’s important that we don’t sweep everything we’ve learnt this year under the carpet and instead, begin to acclimatise ourselves and our solutions to ‘the new normal’.

The Revolution

The 9-5 working day in an office culture is dying out and this pandemic has built the momentum for somewhat of a working from home ‘revolution’. Covid-19 has proven that many employees can work from home and still ‘get the job done’ and the ongoing emphasis on work/life balance and the wellness of employees has promoted a more flexible working dynamic in a lot of businesses.

At Neon, we build solutions that connect, engage and motivate teams to reach their full potential in the workplace or from home (that’s the great thing about technology – it can be accessed from anywhere!) and now more than ever, our solutions can help support your business and your employees through this revolution.

It is critical that businesses take a human centric approach and understand the different needs of individuals. Ask yourself, what do your people value and appreciate to make them perform well? At Neon, we ask these questions in our engagement platforms to ensure the best possible outcomes for your business. Employee performance should be measured by output, not by how many hours worked in a day or indeed, where from!

The Life Vest

During the pandemic, technology has been a life saver. Software such as, Zoom has enabled companies to continue communicating with their network and has acted as a life vest to keep the day to day running of businesses afloat.

However, it’s important for businesses to remember that below the water lies their employee’s fundamental needs that contribute to their success at work - morale, motivation, development, engagement with your business etc. These are essential in sustaining a successful business but can easily become neglected when more important matters (like a global pandemic) come up – if enough needs get neglected it’s like a life vest without the air – redundant. That’s where we come in.

We create technology and communication solutions that take care of your employees and act as your businesses’ life vest. We get to the core of what boosts their morale, what motivates them and what keeps them engaged so they perform to their best potential. In 2020, one of our client’s app solutions had an average of 80% of the network registered and engaged (over 5,100 users that are logging in and engaging with the app each month), which meant that throughout the heights of the pandemic, we could easily communicate and engage with 80% of their employees with a few clicks of a button.

Having access to fast communication like this can be integral to your employees morale, performance and thus, your businesses’ success – especially when a lot of your team are working from home. As we navigate this digital world, it’s important not to overlook recognising and appreciating employees in a personal way. As you can no longer walk over to their desk, don’t forget to pick up the phone!


Once you’re afloat and out of rocky waters, you need to push further and get ashore – you can’t reach your full potential in the ocean (unfortunately we’re not mermaids). Once you have a workforce who are happy, thriving and connected, you then need to consider how to reward them and how to push them to improve their performance further – this can be achieved through sales incentives and events.

Over the past year, virtual events have taken on a whole new realm and have proven to the industry that you can create impactful and meaningful events and experiences via technology. Although we’re sure everyone will jump at the chance to get back to face to face events and incentive travel trips as soon as we can, virtual activities such as a cocktail classes and group cooking lessons have been greatly received by our clients and their employees and are excellent ways to reward and engage employees working remotely – whether it’s due to the pandemic or not. Don’t expect everyone to always join in and remember individual needs. By doing a variety of different things, you should end up hitting people’s interest more than once in a month.

We need to appreciate the pros of going virtual – more budget friendly, less admin, more accessible – and consider this when we’re planning events in the new norm of the industry. We can help co-create a great experience with your employees not for them. Our approach will ensure we deliver long lasting and sustainable results.

Want to find out more? Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your team reach their full potential in the new norm through employee engagement, e-learning, communication and incentives.