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The Tools You Need to Sell More

The Tools You Need to Sell More

Challenging times require an exceptional response to avoid business disruption. Neon are here to support businesses during Covid-19 and have compiled the below five tools to boost your sales and to get a great return on your investment.

Keep your employees engaged

Our client data has shown that increased employee engagement leads to more sales. In fact, there is a positive correlation between engagement, employee loyalty, quality and productivity. Looking at the 2019 data for one of our clients, we found a strong positive correlation between sales and logins to our portal. The correlation coefficient of 0.7 suggested that using our portal had a positive impact on making sales*. We can help motivate your employees to work hard towards a target that is in line with your values and brand identity.

Of course, it goes without saying that happy employees who enjoy working for your company do a better job than indifferent ones. Engaged employees should also be better at forming bonds and friendships at work.

Introduce sales campaigns

Do you have any stock that has been sitting in your warehouse for some time or, is there a product in your catalogue that does not sell very well? Are you aware of a period where sales are typically slower than in other months? Neon can help you to put together an effective sales campaign that really benefits your business.

A good sales campaign should instantly boost the sales of your products whilst motivating your employees. Sales campaigns can help you push particular products or to increase sales over a certain period of time. By running a campaign for a limited time only, your staff, clients and prospects are motivated to move quickly on sales.

Incentivise your employees to go the extra mile

Incentives do not only make your staff feel valued, they also encourage your employees to follow your organisation’s values. Furthermore, they can promote a certain way to do things or tiers of performance to ensure that your company is successful.

By introducing certain KPI targets or achievements, employees will have something to work towards every day, which will ensure they stay motivated to do their job to the best of their ability.

A further advantage of incentives is that they contribute to your staff’s happiness and wellbeing. By enjoying themselves on a once in a lifetime trip or, giving them the opportunity to win an amazing prize, you ensure that they are happy working for your organisation, which should lead to an increase in productivity.

Incentive trips can also help with team bonding and building strong relationships between your employees. These are a great opportunity for networking and to keep staff talking about your company, processes and perhaps even what could be improved internally.

Track your sales process

Sales tracking is the process of documenting the interactions between your business and a lead. This includes monitoring of emails, calls and meetings until the lead eventually becomes your customer.

It enables you to get a visual idea of how a lead is converting into a customer. Furthermore, it helps you to determine any issues in your sales cycle and to understand the effectiveness of your processes.

Sales tracking is also a great tool to monitor the performance of your employees. You can keep an eye on who is bringing in the maximum revenue, reward and recognise your top performers and support employees who might need further training or guidance.

Even the most loyal of customers can be tempted to see what else is on the market, so you need to make the first step and knock on their door. Therefore, it is important to track the progress of each sale to ensure the deal is done. One of our clients rewards their salespeople for converting prospects into sales by adding points to their accounts. These can be used to unlock prizes in an awards catalogue. You receive more points if you convert a prospect that used your competitor’s products previously. This all resulted in a conversion rate increase of 30% in 2019!

Equip your employees to succeed

Learning is a great opportunity to expand the knowledge base of your employees. The greatest benefits are improved performance and productivity and an increase in profit. Employees with the necessary knowledge are obviously better equipped to perform in their job.

Some of our clients use learning modules to reinforce knowledge as it is hugely important to continuously train your employees. Looking at the sales volume, the salespeople that use our apps had their volume going up 46%, but those that use the apps and complete the learning modules had their sales volume going up an impressive 97%.

It is Neon’s aim to create an environment that helps employees thrive, improve customer service and satisfaction and ultimately your bottom line. Furthermore, thriving employees will help with the retention of your staff which is more cost-effective than recruitment.

Contact us to get a great return on investment by empowering your team to succeed and help your company grow.

* Values between 0.7 and 1.0 (−0.7 and −1.0) indicate a strong positive