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Top Tips for Retaining Your Employees

Top Tips for Retaining Your Employees

Keeping your employees with the company for as long as possible is extremely important for the success of your business however, employee retention is quite an art to achieve.

Retaining employees is beneficial to companies in many ways. It reduces recruitment costs, promotes company growth from within, expands employee knowledge and improves customer service – to name but a few.

Nevertheless, despite its importance, a lot of companies overlook these crucial small steps, which can contribute hugely to the retention of employees and the boost of their satisfaction within the workplace. 


Effective and in-depth training is essential for the development and retention of your employees.

When most individuals start a new job, they are looking to develop and improve themselves both personally and professionally. Therefore, it is vital for companies to acknowledge this and provide a training scheme, which will achieve these goals for their staff. If employees don’t feel fulfilled in their role, they will find another one that will do the job (excuse the pun…).

Employers should be offering continuous training to their staff to ensure they are improving and excelling themselves in the workplace. Through training, employers will expand their knowledge, build confidence and feel valued, which will all directly benefit the business.

Reward and recognition

When you reward and recognise your staff, they will feel noticed, valued and looked after – they will feel a part of a work family. When employees feel this warmth and loyalty from their employers, they will build an emotional attachment and loyalty to the company, which means they will be less likely to leave.

Reward and recognition can be achieved through many different actions. Whether it’s verbal recognition, a positive email, a gift voucher or an incentivised trip, every little bit of positive reinforcement will help retain your employees.

Company culture

Creating a company culture where employees come into work feeling comfortable, happy and relaxed is integral to retaining your employees. You want your employees to feel like they are surrounded by friends in the workplace and can air opinions where needed.

A great way to create a good company culture is to arrange work nights out, lunches, drinks and team building activities. This enables employees to bond on a social level and will ensure they feel more relaxed and at ‘home’ day-to-day at work. 

Goal setting

Everybody thrives when they have a goal to work towards. Therefore, setting your employees career goals throughout the year is an excellent way to motivate, engage and fuel their ambition.

With goals, your employees will feel more fulfilled in the workplace when they’re hitting their targets and will also continue to develop and grow in their role.


Organising appraisals with employees is a brilliant way to increase the retention of your staff. Assessments will demonstrate that the company is interested and invested in the progression of their staff and will also allow both employer and employee to set goals for the coming months to ensure growth of each individual.

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