Performance Improvement

Why do Neon Agency Offer the Best Value Solutions?

Why do Neon Agency Offer the Best Value Performance Improvement, Incentive and Engagement Solutions?

There are many reasons for adopting an Incentive Solution within your business and it is the value that it will add that is most critical. Whenever we pitch as an organisation we always lead with our justification for value vs price. Neon’s added value to a business is what resonates through all of our clients’ results, which is why they have stuck by our side for so long!

We focus on delivering excellent results by ensuring a sales and volume uplift on every solution we deliver. By delivering on predefined business and individual KPIs we ensure the right product is being sold against the most efficient margins (for example). A properly structured incentive programme can increase employee performance by 44%.

Crucially, we recognise success should not just be limited to a financial return on investment. We also measure audience involvement and subsequent behavioural change. We identify and support an individual's willingness to learn, change, participate and commit to your brand to ensure its profitability.

Therefore, how we measure participant engagement becomes important. We know when someone is fully engaged and enthusiastic about the programme, they will be better equipped with the knowledge to sell and adopt the correct behaviours whilst adhering to set business (or individual) KPIs. Engaged organisations have 21% higher profitability than their peers.

A simple % on overall engagement can be inconclusive and doesn’t tell the full story, so we look at the way in which an individual is engaged. This allows us to target the audience with communications in different ways and to analyse how effective the programme is in meeting business objectives.

So, why is Neon the best choice for delivering your next incentive?

Long term financial security

2020 has been a tough year for many businesses and we recognise this, which is why our programmes are designed to your budget. By working through your objectives we can best identify the areas where we can make a difference. More importantly, we provide a solution unique to your challenges. There is no point investing in a solution if there is no value added from the incentive being pushed. For example, we look at targeted campaigns that make a difference to your bottom line. We ensure every individual is targeted within your organisation in a different way to maximise impact.

This year has highlighted more than ever how different individuals approach their work. In 2021, we celebrated our 20th year in the field of improving business performance. We work with some of the world’s leading brands in Telecommunications, Automotive, Technology, Finance through to Agriculture and Utility sectors.  Businesses that engage with Neon Agency see immediate results and improvement in their sales, service level and customer retention through experience of our exceptional solutions… you are in safe hands for the long term.

Impact, benefit and the bigger picture of our solutions

There are three critical factors we consider when improving the output of individuals - their experience, behaviour and performance. Employee experience is heavily influenced by environmental factors such as personality, beliefs, expectations and so on. With regular participant feedback we capture information to understand what they are feeling and why. Behaviour is the output of experience. We look at their engagement with your brand, how they adopt with systems or processes, their drive to improve or willingness to learn. We must understand their behaviour in order to influence it.

Performance is of course the outcome; a resolution of their experience and behaviours and this we measure against business and personal goals. We understand the connections between these factors and can then support areas of concern. All of this drives long lasting sustainable results for your business. Whilst the short term gains of an incentive will impact cost savings for your business, we must drive long term outcomes using the method described.


It’s not just the end user who needs consideration when providing a programme for performance improvement. All relevant stakeholders need to be taken into consideration to increase the chances of success. Once we have all stakeholders on board it is critical to demonstrate our value add.

Our aim at Neon is to always provide excellent service levels for clients, delivered by highly experienced professionals who love their job and take real enjoyment from what they do. We also work hard to try and make sure that working with us is fun as well as rewarding. Our team will work with you tirelessly to achieve your objectives, this is reflected in the positive feedback and long-term retention of our existing clients.

It’s not all about SAS

We approach our clients' challenges and objectives with an open mind, working together to create and deliver a solution that is unique to the task. However, it is important to note that the basis of all of our proven technological solutions can easily be replicated and commoditised. With a baseline structure for a solution, we can build upon this with your objectives to ensure money is saved for your business.

We custom build many different communication and engagement platforms for our clients, including bespoke websites, mobile apps and event registration systems. This is the bedrock of our offering and unsurprisingly, therefore an area of accelerating innovation for Neon in the immediate future.


It is not all about seeing an increase in sales/your bottom line. Many clients measure the success of their solutions on other KPI’s; for example the retention of their key people, less churn (it is expensive to employ people), a positive change in behaviour, less absenteeism, company values being recognised and being ‘lived’ daily.

ROI here is measured, not on a financial return (although inadvertently this will happen) but on more positive employees who live and breathe the values and behaviours of the company.

In Summary

It’s always a difficult question to answer when asked “what can you do that others can’t“. That’s not because we’re shy about our capabilities but because we believe the best people to answer that question are our existing clients, for whom we deliver on our promises time after time. ​We would however, like to share a regular comment made by prospects and new clients about why they selected Neon over some of our competitors.​

"Everybody else came along and told us about their agency and their great successes. You asked us about our brands and our challenges“.​

We would love to discuss how we can help your business, get in touch today!