Incentivise your employees to deliver exceptional performance

Drive performance against a variety of sales and non-sales metrics through strategic and tactical campaigns that recognise and reward your staff!

Benefits & Outcomes

Our tactical incentive programmes focus on short-and medium-term objectives, ensuring your staff and/or your channel partners are motivated, engaged, and equipped to deliver excellent results. You can...


Tactically drive performance of specific metrics & stretch targets


Improve front-line staff communication & dialogue

Behaviour Change

Target positive behavioural change


Encourage engagement with objectives

Knowledge & Skills

Improve knowledge and skills

Highlight Weaknesses

Increase confidence in sales and customer service abilities


Reward and recognise performance excellence


Generate detailed performance insights to support decision making

Drive performance to new heights

Incentives are a valuable tool to drive results and are a brilliant way to give that extra bit of motivation to improve a score or hit a target.

The real driver of a successful incentive is behavioural change; a move to more positive approaches from employees and channel partners that drive performance to new heights. We seek to address the ‘why’ behind performance, to help get results the right way.

A programme that fits your needs

Our tailor-made incentive programmes will not only help to motivate and reward your employees, but they will also make you more likely to achieve success by addressing key contributory factors such as engagement, efficiency, competency, and compliance.

Example Programme

These are lighter and narrower-focused programmes best suited to businesses looking to hit specific objectives within a set time frame. We will work with you to define your objective(s) and the best path to reach them.

Personal Communications Feed

Gets the right information to your audience at the right time, creating dialogues and connections, specifically supporting the subject of the incentive.

Campaigns & Objectives Suite

Shows campaigns that target specific objectives within set time frames.

Mindset Exploration & Support

Helps generate the right mindset and approach to the task at hand.

Skills and Knowledge Modules

Educates and reinforces key information on product, process, behaviours, services and offers to maximise results.


Recognises and rewards consistent and exceptional performance.

Performance Insights

Empowers employees to understand their performance output and facilitates decision making of key stakeholders.

Key Points

Account Management

An experienced account team will be on hand to drive the programme and help you maximise results.


Our solutions are designed to fit the look and feel of your branding and culture.


We ensure flexibility to adapt & evolve alongside your needs and requirements, allowing for changes of focus.


We provide access to performance dashboards to track and monitor the impact of the programme.


Our solutions are fully secure and GDPR compliant.

Integrated Software

We support integration into existing company software (Salesforce, Training databases etc.).

Next Steps

The first and most crucial step is for us to understand you, your business, and your objectives. Here is how we get started:

Short introductory call. Tell us about yourself, your business, your challenges, and we will introduce ourselves too.

We will respond with an initial strategy to help you achieve your goals.

If you like what you see, we will discuss and refine our recommendation and agree how to proceed.

Are you looking to create a culture of high performing individuals and continuous improvement?

Tell us what you’re looking to achieve and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Email Us

Looking for something a little lighter?

Our incentive solutions encourage a tactical focus on a set of metrics for the short to medium-term. If it’s a longer-term (and broader) change what you’re looking for, why not take a look at our Performance Improvement offering.