It's Our 19th Birthday!

It's Our 19th Birthday!

"Our mission has always been the same: To improve the performance of employees and business channels. We want to understand your challenges around the performance and engagement of your audience in sales, service, knowledge, and with your brand". Peter Brooks, Owner and Director at Neon

We have come a long way...

It all started in 2001, when River Event Management Ltd was created as part of River Marketing, by a group of highly experienced event and incentive travel specialists. The aim was to provide our clients with industry leading motivation, recognition and communication adventures. From our first overseas conference in Marbella in 2002 to a global automotive conference for 2000 people at the Royal Albert Hall in 2006 (there were many miles travelled in between!), memorable experiences have always been at the core of what we do.

Incentivising and motivating staff and ensuring they take away brand key messages sparked us to think about things differently. In 2013, we extended our scope into other areas of performance improvement, business intelligence and boosted our existing reward and recognition activity. The best events are bespoke, results driven and motivational - we carry this message to all of our client solutions today.

Key milestones:

We couldn’t do it without our people. 

We could not have travelled the distance we have without the fantastic Neon Team (most of whom have been with us along the way). They have the knowledge and skills to make our work a success for our clients. Our own employee engagement is our ethos and it is how we can preach what we do. Our team delivers client focussed services with pride and passion and truly understands our approach. 

We know that every client is different, that every industry is different and that every requirement is different. However, our dedication, passion and desire to excel is always the same for each and every project, regardless of size or budget. 

Where we are now. 

Our focus has always been on people engagement. Although we do it in different ways, it is at our core. We have built careers out of it and now we want to lend our learnings to new businesses to help them thrive and succeed. 

Technology is at the forefront of our business and already plays a vital part in the work we deliver.  Technology keeps us connected. It's how we share news and views, top up our knowledge, celebrate life's wins, share exciting details about an incentive trip, thank a colleague... or simply keep in touch. Every contact reinforces our sense of community.

Although we already build a number of different communication platforms for a variety of our clients, including bespoke websites, mobile apps and event registration systems, this is the key area of innovation for Neon for the next 5 years. 

Follow us on our journey?