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The Benefits of a Sales Incentive

The Benefits of a Sales Incentive

Sales incentives are beneficial for your business and can help boost growth

In the last few blogs we've published we've discussed the importance of different factors when trying to improve employee performance and brand engagement - empowering learning and knowledge, wellness at work, reward and recognition, communication and even gamification.

These are all important components to some of the sales incentives Neon provide and all demonstrate why they are worth investing in. They are an excellent way to inspire, motivate and reward your sales team. There is always room for staff to feel even more valued and to give teams the little nudge they might need to up their sales game.

Here are Neon’s top three reasons why sales incentives are more than worth the investment.

Enhance product knowledge and skills

To sell a product, it's important that your sales team know exactly what it is they are selling. They need to know the ins and outs of their product so that they can answer any question a potential buyer may shoot at them. Whether it’s the maximum speed a new car model can go or, how many photos a phone can hold, if a salesperson can answer these questions with confidence, they are a lot more likely to make a sale.

A sales incentive is a great way to encourage your staff to learn the details of their products. If your employees have a platform where they can complete engaging modules to test and expand their product knowledge with the potential to win prizes for completion, employees are a lot more likely to be engaged and motivated in the workplace. Staff with an enhanced ability to do the job will become a more productive brand representative. 

Neon have delivered over 103,000 learning modules and we know that sales teams sell three times more product when they engage with learning.

Understanding employee attitudes and behaviours

Staff may come across individuals who seemingly possess the knowledge and skills to do a task, but only with a positive attitude towards the task will there be motivation, engagement and intention to sell efficiently. You should constantly explore employee and distribution channels staff’s beliefs and attitudes towards your brand and products. 

With regular feedback through data and reporting you will be able to understand the way your brand representatives behave in moments of truth with consumers. You should be able to look into these metrics and gain a better understanding of not only the individual, but also of how the programme works for them.  

With this information, you can then take action.  For example, in identifying an individual who has routinely low engagement, feeling demotivated, poor test scores, and average sales performance, you can work with Regional Management teams to engage with this individual. Understand what motivates them and assist their performance. 

Rewards and recognition

The right employee rewards with incentive programmes can motivate, energise and transform sales within a company. The idea of understanding your audience, their interests and pastimes, enables significant personalisation to your offering. If your staff have an attractive reward in sight such as a travel trip for hitting certain targets, their energy levels and motivation to hit these targets are bound to go through the roof. A bit of friendly competition between colleagues is also a good way to stimulate sales. 

Lastly, in difficult times instant thanks and reward is key to sustaining motivation and positivity. Management at all levels should have the discretion to give instant rewards or send thank you’s personally and on the spot. Thank your staff for their hard work and they will continue to feel happy, motivated and a part of your valued work ‘family’.

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