We are Here to Help!

We are Here to Help!

In this strange and unpredictable time, we know businesses are potentially facing many challenges and we want to support as best we can. Neon specialise in a number of areas that drive engagement and results – Performance Improvement, Reward and Recognition, Event Management and Business Intelligence.

On our 'Approach Page', we discuss in detail how we work with businesses to find out their challenges amongst their employees and distribution channels. Our goal is to work with them to overcome these challenges and ultimately to provide a solution that meets their business objectives.

We listened to our clients concerns when the retail stores closed their doors and staff relocated to working from home. Together we drew our attention to keeping their employee audiences engaged. We have used a variety of methods to communicate with their audiences to uplift and rouse, inform and entertain and inspire thought during this uncertain time.

When the dust begins to settle, we want businesses to feel like they have the essential tools they need to hit the ground running. Our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge and along our journey we’ve delivered in generating revenue from a broad range of subjects:

- Business Intelligence & Insights
- Brand Engagement
- E-Learning & Knowledge     
- Communications
- Sales Incentives     
- And more!

If you feel we might be able to help you in any of the areas mentioned above, we would love to invite you to submit your top three challenges to us. You will then shortly receive a response with our initial thoughts. All of our solutions are tailored to meet your desired objective - we want to get to the heart of your audience and add real value.


If you would prefer to speak with us directly, please feel free to contact our Business Development Manager, Neil on 01865 893410. We look forward to hearing from you!